Ride 1 & 2

Ride 1:
with: Eric, Cheryl, Zac and Ryan

Discouraging. My initial sorry-for-myself thoughts:

“the winter training has made me much stronger than I ever have been before, but it will do very little for my riding because I’m pretty much at the same weight i have been over the last several years. my muscles are trained to move heavy loads quickly… not spin a bike for an hour or two. this doesn’t bother me as i’d rather be lifting these days, but it is obvious. my best season was 3 years ago when i returned from san francisco and rode the single speed at the front of the group. when i lived there, i was riding 7 days a week and sprinting up hills steeper than anything out here. my deadlift was about 325, too, but having both a decent amount of strength and musclar-endurance for cycling/running was a nice combo. now that has shifted towards the strength end of the spectrum and since i have no body weight to drop, i’m not gaining the natural advantage of being lighter. the muscle memory of my cycling/running days has finally dissipated. im a capable rider now, but not where i was and i dont think the winter training did much to help. but ill take the strength gains over that at this point in my life.”
Perhaps a bit harsh considering this was only my second time on the road bike this year.

Ride 2:
with: Ryan, Zac, Conrad, Keith

Much larger turnout. The A group fragmented but the leaders finished together. For a change we took turns pulling the front, although I had to chase down Zac when he decided to sprint up hills in a vain effort to try and prove something. Averaged just above 19mph. Very happy with the ride overall. ┬áPost-ride activities were off, again… although our “cheapest bottle of red wine” strategy paid off (at the cost of waiting a half hour for it). We invited a new rider to meet us there and Zac force fed him an hour of dry conversation. Uncertain if he will return. No jorts this week.

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