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Ride 1 & 2

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Ride 1:
with: Eric, Cheryl, Zac and Ryan

Discouraging. My initial sorry-for-myself thoughts:

“the winter training has made me much stronger than I ever have been before, but it will do very little for my riding because I’m pretty much at the same weight i have been over the last several years. my muscles are trained to move heavy loads quickly… not spin a bike for an hour or two. this doesn’t bother me as i’d rather be lifting these days, but it is obvious. my best season was 3 years ago when i returned from san francisco and rode the single speed at the front of the group. when i lived there, i was riding 7 days a week and sprinting up hills steeper than anything out here. my deadlift was about 325, too, but having both a decent amount of strength and musclar-endurance for cycling/running was a nice combo. now that has shifted towards the strength end of the spectrum and since i have no body weight to drop, i’m not gaining the natural advantage of being lighter. the muscle memory of my cycling/running days has finally dissipated. im a capable rider now, but not where i was and i dont think the winter training did much to help. but ill take the strength gains over that at this point in my life.”
Perhaps a bit harsh considering this was only my second time on the road bike this year.

Ride 2:
with: Ryan, Zac, Conrad, Keith

Much larger turnout. The A group fragmented but the leaders finished together. For a change we took turns pulling the front, although I had to chase down Zac when he decided to sprint up hills in a vain effort to try and prove something. Averaged just above 19mph. Very happy with the ride overall. ┬áPost-ride activities were off, again… although our “cheapest bottle of red wine” strategy paid off (at the cost of waiting a half hour for it). We invited a new rider to meet us there and Zac force fed him an hour of dry conversation. Uncertain if he will return. No jorts this week.

I Just Don’t Get It

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I like success stories. Beat cancer, survived the wilderness, overcame a handicap, worked hard and changed life/lives for the better. The key is hard work, and with hard work comes sacrifice.
Let’s look at two guys both in their early 30’s and both 5’10”.
Guy A
– dines out 4 to 5 times a week
– drinks 6 to 7 days a week with 2 to 3 of those days being 6 drink minimum days
– out till 12 to 1 AM at least 2 times midweek while having to be awake and at work for 7 AM
– high carb/fat and low protein intake (chips, candy, pizza, soda, ice cream, unfiltered wheat beers, buffalo wings, fast food)
– exercise consisting mainly of steady state cardio
– 235 lbs

Guy B
– dines out 1 to 2 times a week
– drinks 1 to 2 days a week with 0 to 1 of those days being 2 drink minimum days
– out till 9 to 10 PM at least 1 time midweek while having to be awake and at work for 7 AM
– high “quality” protein and fat and low carb intake along with vitamins and natural supplementation
– exercise consisting of weight lifting, metabolic conditioning, and steady state cardio
– 193 lbs

Guy A seems to be out partying it up and burning the candle at both ends. Guy B on the other hand seems to be staying healthy. So, barring any catastrophic event, who will live longer? My money is on Guy B.

Now, I know all of you smarty pants out there are saying “they’re both you”. Yeah, A was then and B is now. Don’t get me wrong, at the time when I was A I was having wicked fun. I was out late all the time eating shitty food, hammered off my ass. Pretty soon my clothes started getting really tight, then I couldn’t find “non-fat person” clothes to fit in to. Then I noticed that my afternoon lunch nap became my first break nap plus afternoon nap. Then I would get home a knock a couple back because I was exhausted and needed to unwind. But the final straw was when I saw a picture of myself shirtless setting up camp in Yosemite. I looked like shit, plain and simple.

So I decided to clean up my act and get healthy and in shape, but that meant sacrificing things I loved. As time went on and I started get in shape I started wondering if I really did love the food/booze/late nights or was I just conditioned to it?

Well, with a couple trials and painful errors I’ve come to believe that I was definitely conditioned to it. After living cleaner for a while now I look and feel better then I have in a very long time. Here comes the rub though; the people I used to hang out with are “confused” about “why I’ve changed” and think “people have changed me and made me different because I don’t hang out anymore”.

Here it is quite simply:
Yes, I have changed. I didn’t become a drug abuser. I didn’t become a wife beater or alcoholic. I got in shape. I got healthy.
No, I can’t hang out like I used to. Four to five hours of sleep makes me feel like shit for the next day and a half. If I told you out of 365 days in a year you could feel good awesome for 115 of them, but for the other 260 days you would have to feel: tired, bloated, lethargic, headachy, and possibly nauseous. You’d tell me to fuck off.
Yes there were people involved. This is the one that perturbs me the most. If someone I know achieves success I try to be the first to congratulate them because I would expect them same in return. If someone you knew was sick and found the help they need to get better wouldn’t you feel relieved? Surprisingly though, I’ve come to find out that people that I thought would be extremely supportive are not. Is there some sort of confusion here as to why I’ve decided I want to get in to shape? Is it bucking the status quo that some people have become accustomed to? I’m feeling, mentally and physically, better than I ever have, so where am I wrong? I just don’t get it.