Griz’s Tuesday Shop Ride Review

Feeling a list coming on!!!

I learned that a lot of people got soft and doughy over the past winter.

I learned that even with only riding 7 times so far this year the offseason training is gonna pay off.

I learned that I still have the legs for the flats.

I saw too many shaved man legs. If you’re gonna shave you had better be fast.

I didn’t see enough females.

I learned that New Britain has 3 bakeries that make delicious Russian ryes.

I figured out that people don’t know how to pace line.

I saw Buck take a massive pull on 17.

I noticed my sworn enemy decided he better keep his douche bag ass in back with the slow riders.

I found out that the junior varsity waitresses are working right now because it sure as shit wasn’t varsity level service.

I noticed that some motherfuckers just look straight up frail.

I learned that slices and cookies are the power buys.


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