1st Shop Ride of the Year

Today is the first shop ride of the year and guess what, IT’S SUPPOSED TO FUCKING POUR RAIN ALL DAY!!! Mother fucking rain. I don’t care about rain rides when it’s warm out, but a cold rain ride? Fuck that shit. I just did 53 on Saturday, that’ll hafta hold me over for now.

At least there’s cycling on tv to watch to keep me occupied. Tour of Flanders and Paris Roubaix were just on and THEY FUCKING SUCKED TOO!!! If it wasn’t for Cancellara attacking and trying to make something happen the races would of looked like a god damn charity ride lead by Cancellara. BORING. P-R was 3 fucking hours too. I just started fast forwarding through that fucker.

Congrats to Garmin-Transitions and Johan Van Summeren for their first big win, but how does JVS celebrate his win? He proposes to his long time girlfriend. Damn son, you’re a fucking cycling celebrity now, fuck marriage and go nail some groupies. I’d find the hottest chick at the party, hand her that cobble you get for winning, and say “this is my exercise weight……for my cock.”


P.S. Pozzatto’s team car getting a flat tire was the funniest story of the weekend.


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