Honey Stinger Waffle

Honey Stinger Waffle

When the Honey Stinger Waffle came out this past Fall, I must admit, I was psyched. I’m a huge fan of Honey Stinger products, and upon hearing about this I ran out and got a couple as soon as the were available. Damn they were tasty, if you could get the out of the packaging. Well, rides came and went over the Fall, and Winter decided to fuck us with more snow than ever, and I never got a chance to take a couple out on a ride.

Finally, this past weekend the perfect storm of me finally planning ahead, good weather, and a chance to ride came together. I bought a couple of the waffles and took them along. First thing I noticed was that they improved the packaging so you can open it without needing a fucking lock pick set or plasma cutter. So I tear it open ready to chomp down on that honey infused carb saucer and wouldn’t you know it, I must have bought the fucking Progresso Italian Bread Crumb package without noticing. Yeah, back to the drawing board Honey Stinger. Your waffles are a little too fragile, and I guess its back to the Stinger Protein bars for me.

It’s a shame too, because I like being able to actually chew food when I’m out on long rides, and I thought this waffle would add to the limited availability of non-gel’s out there. I know waffle dust technically isn’t a gel, but waffle dust is hard to injest when you’re riding. I believe its safe to assume it stings when it gets in your eyes, and I’m not a porn star looking for a HS Waffle money shot.


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