Why Bother?

Upon reading Buck’s previous article, it got me thinking, “why bother?”

Why bother lifting?

My left shoulder was broken and never rehabed properly. My L5 is fractured and looks more like little pebbles on an x-ray than looks like a vertebra. I shouldn’t be lifting anything heavy, over my head or on my back. I won’t set any records.

Why bother riding?

Damn there’s a lot of good tv on right now, and riding till sunset takes up a ton of time. Then I have to eat, then shower, then get ready for work. Maybe I need to cut back, or cut out riding. I won’t ever ride professionally.

Why bother eating healthy?

Burger King tastes so fucking good. Buffalo wings taste so fucking good. Protein powder tastes like shit. Water isn’t Coca-cola. I could go for a huge plate of angel hair pasta with a lemon cream sauce and parmesan breaded chicken cutlets. So what if I get chubby.

Why bother training at all?

I’m old. I’m sore. I want to sit around and veg. There’s a new video game out. Blah blah blah.

Why bother?

I do about 99% of my miles by myself. I don’t go to the beach and walk around flexing. I don’t go to bars to meet single ladies.

I do all this because if you don’t push yourself to extremes, if you don’t test yourself, why bother being alive?


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