What’s Your Power Song?

I find inspiration in the music I listen to while training. I like bands that actually workout and lift weights. After all, how can I be inspired by a bunch of guys that look like this?
I don’t care how hardcore their music is, yelling (crying, really) unintelligible nonsense about what Dad did or didn’t do 15 years ago doesn’t make you tough and strong. It makes you a pussy. When an authentic power song comes on you know it — the integrity and intensity comes through in the first riff, or in the case my power song, the first piano note:

Van Halen : Right Now

This song lead me to PRs in the 500m row and Deadlift. It also makes me thirsty with nostoglia for Clear Pepsi. Two reasons:
  1. It’s powerful, inspiring and deep. That’s obvious to anybody.
  2. Sammy Hagar is built like a bulldozer. He still loads-in all of his band’s gear 30 years after his first gig. He also runs the greatest tequila company in the world, Cabo Wabo. Before hitting the stage at night, he can be found at the distillery lifting heavy ass barrels or unloading pickup trucks full of sweet desert cactus and heaving them into the boiling vats for processing. This strength comes through in his music and inspires me to lift heavier!
What’s your power song?

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