Buck here.

I feel like i’ve been dogging my workouts lately. The motivation just isn’t there. After we moved from straight lifting to a lifting\metcon combo I’ve had a hard time keeping the faith.

Until this morning. I woke up, fed my man cats, watched some Swole Patrol videos and manned up my oatmeal by loading it with protein powder. This weekend was an eye opener into why we do what we do here. Why we strive to dominate the A group and sacrifice during these winter months.

So what happened? I reconnected with an estranged friend. The months away from him have been simplified. Wake, work, workout, sleep and eat healthy. I’ve reduced my friend list to the two I workout with and honestly enjoy the hell out of my routine.

So I get conned into getting a beer with this old friend. Typical situation as soon as he arrives (late which pissed me off). He takes 10 minutes to order a drink, another 15 to order the worst pub food on the menu while a cloud of estrogen gas engulfs our bar stools as he talks about office work and other topics no less feminine. Now this friend isn’t a fat ass, far from it. He’s actually quite fit. The problem is that he isn’t swole and lacks the confidence and fortitude of a man. He boasted about riding 30 miles on his indoor bike trainer earlier in the day and I died inside from the boredom and lack of raw strength stimulation.

I knew the rest of the day would be filled with regret so I napped it away while watching documentaries on agro topics like serial killing and apartheid. I then woke up this morning re-motivated and committed to my training (like a man).

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