I See Fat People

I’m no fitness model, but I think I work with some of the fattest people around. I mean, damn, we work 1st shift so we get out pretty early which leaves a ton of time left to get things done after work.

Me personally, I leave work, drive straight to Von’s for Angry Bike Guy training, lift heavy shit, move fast while lifting heavy shit, drive home, shower, eat dinner, go to bed, lather, rinse, repeat.

I’ve always wondered what these guys are doing when they aren’t at work because they talk about this place like its their be all/end all. Do they go home and think of coming here the next day? Do they just sit around and watch TV? Do they masturbate to the Gumby and Pokey show? I just don’t know. But, I do know that these dudes are death walking.

Examples? Ok!!!
There are a couple guys who look like they are sweating standing still.
There are some other guys that sound like Jabba the Hut when they breathe.
There are two guys that I can think of that have waist lines that very close to a 1:1 ratio with their height.
There’s another guy who’s so fat his legs from the shins down are a vibrant shade of purple.
There’s a woman who’s ass is so big she I think she has to swing it left and right to force her legs forward.

I know people that would love to have time after work to exercise, but have to work shitty long hour jobs because the US economy is fucked. These guys just shit in the face of those people with their vending machine diet filled colon.

I used to do the 6 day a week, 55 to 60 hour a day bullshit and I hated it. I’m not squandering this opportunity. Time to lift, time to ride, time to hike. I’ll trade a couple of extra bucks for that any day. I’m not going to sit around eating cellophane wrapped food that you pick with a letter and a number. I’m not going to get the diet coke with the large pizza. I’m going to enjoy what I have while I have it.

You need to streamline your life. Cut out the bullshit.


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