I Hate Cold Weather

Andy Hampsten is a bad mofo.

Andy Hampsten is a bad mofo.

This shit fuck weather here in New England needs to end soon. Von, Buck, and I have been lifting, HIITing, metconing, complexing, eating, shitting, sleeping. No riding though. Fucking snow!!!

The roads around here look like dirt paths with giant fucking craters and frost heaves. Plus, some of the snow piles are so tall that you can’t see around corners. Wicked safe. Thanks snow plows.

Now, I know that all the training is good for the season, but we’re all starting to lose it a bit. Buck and I have been out on the road once, and the wind chill was so bad I honestly thought I was gonna lose my finger tips. They were so numb I couldn’t feel the shifters. And, yes, I was wearing gloves. I’ve rode in colder, but it was the wind that made it unbearable. “Oh, but Griz, if you loved riding you’d be out no matter what.” Well, you know what I say? I love my finger tips more and go fuck your garbage disposal. For those of you that understand and agree with me I hope you win the lotto or finally get to bang that model you’ve been dreaming of. Ya know what? Fuck it. I hope ya’ll get both.

All I wanna do is ride right now. I love lifting, but riding calms me down. For example: I was walking around the grocery store the other day and I noticed that I was swearing, and not under my breath like usual, but out loud. Everyone and everything there was pissing me off. I hafta get out on the bike and burn some steam off or someone might get beaten with a pumpernickle rye next time.


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