Blue Monday

Sometime between January 18 and 24th of 2011 is supposed to be the most depressed day of the year. As fate would have it today is the average of those two dates provided to us by infallible science. For me January is usually a month of 16-hour work days, little sleep, no weekends and a bad attitude. It is when I make a great deal of money and care about little else. In recent years my winter riding has been decimated by weather and work but while the snow keeps piling up work is definitely slower than normal. The economy has a much smaller impact on what I do for a living compared to many others but I’ve definitely noticed a change over the last seven months. The timing couldn’t have been worse having just bought a new house and car, with my monthly expenditures soaring. But in other ways the timing couldn’t be better. I have more time to work out which I do without fail four or five days a week. I have more time to spend with my pets. My attitude is the best I can remember. I don’t need drugs to stay motivated or push long hours. I’m eating better, sleeping better, living better. The hindsight of my situation is a conflicting image. I can’t say if I would have been better off taking this work-less-workout-more path five years ago or if the struggle, sacrifice and abuse of those times were necessary to get me to where I am now. Finding the right balance can be hard for someone that likes to dwell in extremes but as I get older I’m realizing how critical this is. Sometimes the balance point isn’t always in the center of the scale, either.


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