Where’s Global Warming When You Need it The Most?

Fuck October.

Better yet, fuck fall. When I wake up in the morning to go ride I want fucking hot or cold out, not this eh…let’s start out cold and foggy and then get fucking warm bullshit. Yeah, I own fucking arm and leg warmers, but you know what, on a long ride I don’t want to carry that bullshit when I take it off.

Fuck the leaves on the goddamned ground. So much for railing corners or stopping fast. Why don’t I just grease my motherfucking brakes too? Oh, but the colors are beautiful, you say? Fuck your fucking colors. Green leaves, brown trees, or black pavement. Fuck the rest of the rainbow.

Fuck those ass sucking acorns too. Riding on a tree lined road now you feel like your getting carpet bombed. BAM. BAM BAM BAM. Don’t bother with an aero position either. So many of those little cocksuckers in the road its two hands and pay attention.

Fuck the “leaf peepers”. Get off the fucking road assholes. You’ve never seen leaves before? Where are you from, Antarctica? There’s fucking leaves everywhere. Its like going to Disney World, ITS THE SAME MOTHERFUCKING THING EVERY YEAR!!! Its not like the movies where it changes every week. Its always some variation of red or yellow. You show me a tree with electric blue leaves that fucking glows at night and I’ll give you a pass.

Fuck October.

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