Ultimate Athlete Showdown #1

Ultimate Athlete Showdown #1
Alberto Contador vs Ronnie Coleman

Contador Coleman Advantage
Speed …is faster on a bicycle; a child’s toy. …can move heavy loads very fast. Coleman
Strength …cannot do a bodyweight pull-up. …can deadlift a house. Coleman
Endurance …can ride his bicycle for weeks straight. …is good for up to 5 reps. But those are heavy reps. Coleman
Flexibility …permanently stuck in the riding position. …has a 6″ range of motion. One inch more than Alberto. Coleman
Drugs Clenbuterol, EPO, cow’s blood Clenbuterol, EPO, cow’s blood, protein, creatine, HGH, testosterone, Dianabol, Andirol, Oxandrolone, Masterol, “the clear”, “the cream”, purified fish oil and chocolate milk. Coleman
Drug Intake Spanish cuisine, blood transfusion Needles, milk jugs Coleman
Catch Phrase “Yo hombres mierda!” “LIGHT WEIGHT!!!”, “It’s only a peanut” Coleman
In a Plane Crash …useless sack of bones. …enough meat to go around. Coleman
Body Shape T-Rex Chevy Big Block V12 Coleman

That was easy. Professional cyclists are frail & weak. Ronnie Coleman is a man’s man and a lot of fun at parties. Until next time, consider this:


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