My 2011 Predictions

Yeah, I know there is still racing going on, but its boring racing. So its time for some predictions for next year. I already predicted that Michael Rogers was going to be a major race GC flop, and bam, the next days article on a prominent cycling website is an interview where he says he’s only going to concentrate on week long stage races. Yeah, BORING.

1. Farrar has an even more lack luster year due to Thor’s signing
– Farrar should be pissed because JV didn’t even lube it up before ramming it home. Saying Farrar is faster on the flats and that Thor is more of a classics/power sprinter is fucking smoke. JV needs to sack up and say that they need better big race exposure for the sponsors and they have no legit GC guy. Seconds and thirds just don’t cut it for the big ass sponsors they have.

2. Contador gets slapped with a 2 year ban
– Its going to happen. It has to happen. The story has become too big and he’s taken some glancing shots at L’Equipe, the UCI, and WADA. There’s only one guy who has done that and gotten away with that, Lance. Although, the jury is still out on that one.

3. Lance races Cali and Colorado
– He’s played a major role in getting both races started. The AToC organizers have already hinted at it, and he said publicly that he loved racing in Colorado. More so, I think the dude doesn’t want to end his career like he did at the TdF, but he doesn’t have the legs for it anymore

4. Taylor Phinney places higher in the TdF than Cadel Evans
– I’m really going out on a limb here, but I think Cadel is shot. I know this would be TP’s first TdF, but BMC doesn’t really have any good climbers (that’s why they brought in Sciandri as a scout) and they need a better showing than what they pulled last year

5. Janez Brajkovic has a huge year for Radioshack
– Radioshack doesn’t have any legit GC guys for the TdF. Horner, Levi, and Kloden are all good riders, but they don’t have that attack/counter-attack acceleration anymore. His accelerations at the Dauphine force AC to turn to the PEDs and he got his test run in last year as a wind screen for Lance at the TdF.

6. Boonen still can’t win a big race
– I think his fear of fucking up his knee and the lack of a solid lead out have screwed him. He can’t come off a wheel for a win like Cav now or Mcewen in his prime.

7. Cancellara repeats as Paris-Roubaix champion
– The dude is a goddamn freight train on the cobbles. Who is going to challenge him? Boonen, Thor, Farrar, Hoste, Ballan, Hincapie, Flecha, Freire? SHELLS I TELL YOU, SHELLS OF THE MAN KNOWN AS SPARTICUS!!!

8. The Bradley Wiggins downfall continues
– It has nothing to do with Sky, it has everything to do with Wiggins. Vaughters must be giggling like a turtlenecked schoolboy now that the truth has shown like a light on the fact that Wiggins did well in a real weak TdF field that year.

9. HTC-Highroad brings on a big sponsor to replace Colombia and resigns Cav
– When you think of that team who is the first guy you think of? Yup, Cav is the answer. They’ve got other good guys on that team, but Cav is snappin’ necks and cashin’ checks. Without Cav they’re not getting another big sponsor.

10. Cav wins the TdF green jersey
– Yeah, I like Cav, fuck off. Think about it though, if he didn’t crash in last year he would of won the green jersey. Look at how close he was in points. He’s the fastest guy on wheels is those last couple of meters and he’s becoming more consistent over the mountains where you can’t miss the cut, but want to conserve as much as possible. Case in point, name me the last guy to have back to back Champs Elysees wins.

11. Andy wins the TdF yellow jersey
– I know that if they find Contador guilty he will of won it this year, but I’m talking about victory laps, champagne, speeches, the whole nine yards. The new focus on the TdF without having to waste guys to protect other riders (Cancellara & Saxo Bank) is key.

12. People still don’t care about the polka dot jersey, but the french keep chasing it down because its the only jersey they can win
– Don’t hold your breath thinking that a frenchman is going to win the green or yellow because you’ll end up dead (or at least passed out for a while). “Oooo, look at me I can climb, I’m the mountains leeeeeeeeader.” No, you’re not, if you could climb you would be a GC contender. Go take a shower and your food sucks.

13. The new aussie team doesn’t get any big wins
– Eh…yeah…they’re going to suck, NEXT

14. Nothing more comes of the Floyd/Lance bullshit
– I think that there is just a straight up lack of solid concrete evidence. Floyd just had a vendetta and needed money. Why else would he of filed paperwork under the whistleblower act. He’s a scumbag. Took peoples money and swore he didn’t dope. Asshole.

15. Robert Gesink and Andy Schlek learn how to TT
– Take a look at the TdF. Definitely not as bad as Rasmussen because the was the biggest sports choke ever, but Andy and Gesink TT like they’re sitting on a seat post without a seat on it. I’ve seen better aero positions on beach cruisers.


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