Buck’s Top 7 Predictions for 2011

1) Alberto Contador receives a 1-year ban but has no trouble picking up a team after his suspension ends. He will not retire nor will he pursue a drawn out court battle which will only lengthen the time it takes to return to the bike.

2) Ivan Basso wins the Tour de France. His main competitor, Andy Schleck, will succumb to the same fate that Bradley Wiggins did on the transition to team Sky. Ted King, who weaseled his way into another ProTour contract, will again have no results and a shitty VeloNews blog.

3) Jeremy Powers wins the US National Cyclocross title (I guess this will still be 2010). No one is attacking off the line like Powers and after last year’s disappointment I think he is ready to make this happen.

4) Lance races the Tour Down Under but nothing else. The investigation will be too deep at that point. It will still take 3 to 4 years for anything to hit the courts, though.

5) Tom Danielson will finally get to race the Tour. He will place 4th.

6) Mountain biking will continue to be a superior cycling discipline compared to road biking but still no one will care about professional racing.

7) I regain my form as the “Best Climber in Glastonbury” and will prove my superiority on the epic steeps of Old Maids Lane once again. No woman join the group ride for the 6th straight year. Giovanni’s will name a pizza slice after me called the “Big Ring Beef n’ Cheese”.

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